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Hi All

Tech question regarding above.

I have downloaded the Demo version of repainter. I've never done a repaint before and really want to get into it. When you first load the proggy it asks you to locate FS2004 and click on it. This I did but I got a Fatal Error which said 'XX' is not a valid integer value. Program will close. I then tried reinstalling it but now get the same message everytime I try and open (not even getting to the find FS2004 file).

Does anyone know what could be going wrong or have had the same thing happen to them?

While I'm on the subject does anyone have a good website that helps people get into repainting as I want give rather than keep taking.

Thanks with any help[/i]

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😕 I dont know whats going on with that program,but I know a site with a paint tutorial ➡

Hope it helps

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I actually bought the Abacus FS Repaint and it is OK if you want to paint an a/c all red or all yellow but is a bit cumbersome if you want to do anything else. It is almost impossible to paint lettering and to cap it all there is absolutely no support from Abacus for this software.
Another site for good tutorials is opensky (not sure of the URL) there are downloadable zipped pdf instruction files available.
Of course you'll need Paint Shop or Photo Shop but these can be picked up cheap on Ebay 😉 😉

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See if the last few posts in this thread help you.


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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction......guess I've got some reading/learning to do

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