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Does anyone know how to change the view out of the side windows of an addon aircraft please? I downloaded a very good model of a DC-4, excepting that when I try to look out of the side windows either at 45 degrees to the front or rear or at 90 degrees to my direction of travel, I get a 'hatched out' view which is difficult to see through. The view to the front is perfectly clear, although the virtual cockpit shows the same problems as the side windows views outlined above.

I do have other Douglas aircraft loaded which do not display this shortcoming and wonder if there is any way that I can 'import' their side views windows into this model?

Alternatively, does anyone know where I can aquire a good DC-4 that has not got this problem?

Any hlep (please be as specific as possible about any changes I'd need to make 😂 !) would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, bobtheflyer

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Did you try keys "S" and "W"?
While your inside the aircraft you can use the keypad (num lock on) and "+ or-" to see the inside and outside views.
I took this screen with the keypad numbers.
If you wish to do more you can buy Active Camera an add-on, the link below.
Unless someone knows of a DC-4 that has what you want you'll have to keep downloading different models.


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I downloaded the Cessna L-19 Bird-dog and had a problem with the side views and the rear view. I suspect it is a problem in
the panels folder but I'm not sure. My cure. I downloaded another L-19 and it has good vision all around.

Check around for another version of the plane you want and try it.

If you have trouble finding another download of the plane let me know and I will give you some links that should help.

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WarHawk42 wrote:

I suspect it is a problem in
the panels folder but I'm not sure.

I meant to say textures folder, not panels folder. Sorry.

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