im off!!!

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flying that is!

i,ve just come back from having a drink with the boss.

and he knowing i have a love for Aircraft. he took me to leicester airport. we was watching some light aircraft take off and land. and we both had been up before some yeays back. as my boss is also someone i,ve know most of my life. anyway hes only gone and paid for us two to go up in a 4 seater. it all cost £195.00 for 70. mins. we take off from the above aiirport. and we land at 3 airports.

the thing is hes off camping tomorrow. so will not be going no place until he gets back in a weeks time. HELP!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers simon123.

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Lucky you ❗ ❗ ❗ The last time I flew was last year. Hang in there. Time passes fast ❗ 😀

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Patience is a virtue...Time will pass in a blink of an eye -

That said, congratulations on the opportunity -- Make the most of it! 😀

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Leicester is a nice field. Been a few years since I last flew in...fond memories of being "cut up" by a Cub while on final! Enjoy the flight..I wonder which other airports you will go to? Nothampton, Nottingham, Peterborough. I did a flight last week from an old WW2 USAAF base the other day located about 20 miles E of Leicester. Nice area to fly, don't forget your camera.

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Yes chaps cant wait! will be letting you know how it all went. also sorry for my bad spelling. was in a rush. also had to much to drink.
im in pain now!

anyways i know i,m cant wait but my boss is not so keen! 😉 hehe. hes not into flying as much as me.

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Have fun! 👍

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