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I am fairly new to downloading acft/panels and am trying to get an American Eagle ERJ-145 that has a panel. Any suggestions?

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Everything he has is well made and you can usually find repaints for most of them.


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They have a buttload of great aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must apply first, but still, holycrap!

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I dnld the ERJ 145 from another site a while back. Got the 737 panel, the learjet engine sounds--- that's not so bad. I am however disapointed with it's performance. I play hell getting it up to 30000' for one, two I can't get anything over 395-400kts true above about 23000'. It's disturbing. (program problems?) I don't know what the book figures are for this one---- Imagine that-- I don't know something----- anyway it might be that what I'm getting IS book figures. If anyone is getting substantially better numbers with the 145, let me know.

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