Help!...Re-installing FS2004.



Can anyone offer any suggestions?

I had to recover my PC, and did a disk format.
So I had to start afresh re-installing FS2004.

I had had FS2004 running happily, with A340 Professional, 737NG, and FS Terrain bolted on and no problems.

But after recovering the PC, and re-installing FS2004, the simulator refuses to work. Installation apparently went perfectly, but once I try to run the programme, it freezes at the introduction screen (the one with the Caravan). I have to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del, which then shows FS2004 'Not responding'.

I have tried un-installing all other software in case there is a conflict, but to no effect.
I have tried a full disk scan, which showed no problems.
And I tried disabling Norton (it conflicted when I originally loaded FS Terrain), but again to no effect.

Has anyone suffered the same problem? Or suggest any answers?


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One thing I forgot to mention folks.

During installation, although everything seems to work fine, FS2004 is only seeing 14GB of Hard drive, not the 114GB thta is free!

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Check and make certain that you have a folder on "My Documents" and if so delete the last flight.
If that doesn't work let us know and list your system specs.
I take you have installed all of the Windows updates, SP1 and the latest DirectX.



Thanks for the help! DirectX 9.0c did the trick!

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Punk Fantastic, resume flight! 🍻


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Probably I have same problem,but which folder I have to check in "my documents" and delete?If a folder last flight,than I don't have that one,but I have installed Directx 9 and all other updates.And when it show me a error message there is written fs9.exe.mdmp error.

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I just answered you in the single post that you made but you didn't say anything in that about a "minidump".
Try what I told you there first.


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