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DirectX 10: More harm than good for graphics?

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It's old news that I came accross, (September 15, 2005) but thought I'd post it anyway.,directx-10-more-harm-than-good-for-graphics.aspx

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Like they say, it's been evolving for 11 years now and every time a new DX comes out the doom and gloom bunch aren't far behind.
They are a sad bunch.


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Actually, it is one of the oldest battles in "computer land". It is the battle between standards and "anything goes". This is one of the rare times, MS has been on the side of standards. Typically, they bend twist and break standards whenever it suits them.

In the realm of graphics, game coders want to do anything that makes them look better than the rest, regardless of the consequences. GFX manufacturers want anything that makes their cards/chip sets look better than the others.

This has led to the production of games that only run on certain chip sets. That just sucks.

If MS can reign in that stupidity, good for them.

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