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Long Time Gone......

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And Of coarse I'm back with a question... A rather difficult one I think...

I finally put the ol E-Machine up last week and took over my wifs HP Pentium 4 With Nvita 6600 card.....

After a few days the HDD crashed.Died...KKKKPUTTTT..My luck..So,that explains why wiffy wanted a new one LOL

So under warrenty the HDD was replaced..Came to my house and did it too...Gotta love that in home warrenty....

Was really hoping to get better performance over the ol E-Machine..But NOT..... But figured out the Sound card was funky so I took it out.... Better performance so far but....Here comes the question....

Anyone got a simular set up to this ???? Can you share with me your set up for your 6600 and how you set your game settings....I have been tinkering for hours and am frustrated as hell...LOl

Me...HP Pent 4 I Gig Nvita 6600 w/256 mem

Seems That I was always having performance issues even with the E-Machine..The same sound card came over to the new HP..But is out now....Any help would be great..Anyplace as a start will do...

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Leave everything at default and see what you FPS is, then go up or down according to that.

You can shut off water, textures and shadows.
Turn down clouds and traffic.

Good to see you again.


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Welcome back
You could also try different cloud sets(use less resource) ➡

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I've got the same GFX-card but an AMD processor... no problems.

Me...HP Pent 4 I Gig Nvita 6600 w/256 mem

Am I reading this correctly?

I don't mean to sound negative but I used to have problems running fs9 on my old machine which had three times the amount of memory your HP has got.

I really doubt that you can achieve any performance improvements unless you add memory.

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That's the video card momory. I hope it is. 🙂


Thanks Pilots.......

I got it all settled now....

It was my sound card..Had been for two years now..Thanks for the *NO HELP* from Creative Media Company..All they know is,or will admit to is (update your drivers),,done that for ever..

Well the sound card has been out for a week and after I posted yesterday I found a registry hidden in my C drive..Once removed I am now screaming at 45-50 fps with the best graffics I've ever had...WOW...hard to believe.. Thanks for all your help...

Thanks for the welcome RadarMan and TomtheTank.... See ya around....

i also disabled all that start up stuff and unchecked AA....I found those tidbits here on the boards...

Now I'll try the Cloud Sets TomtheTank refered too....Thanks ...Happy Flying All..... 😀

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Yes Indeed Vegas Flyer....... Idea

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