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Rich T Guest

I am at the moment flightless again, having removed all of FS9 plus add-ons from my system. This was because yet again strange and annoying things were happenning. I thought maybe it was because I had not loaded FS9.1 update and the improved cfg file in the right order - but ATC stuttering and taxiing planes through one another, the menu screen flickering when loading, and finally it constantly crashing to desktop became too much.

Once this had been removed I turned to another game, a GT Racing game, which requires a high speed processor and graphics card etc. I was however having problems with this too, with the menu screens over-reacting uncrontrollably fast, and this too crashed to desktop. This is not what I was hoping for from a high spec dual core PC. I did however email the GT racing company about the problem, and they cam back to me with the following information:

"This is a known issue with dual core processors from AMD and Intel.
I don't know if AMD provides a hotfix for it, but there is a work around for
this issue."

Do you think FS9 has the same problem and hence this is what was causing my problems?
Does anyone else have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ processor and found a hotfix?


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to_coolguys First Officer

I myself have a dual core Intel CPU.But I haven't yet faced this problem.Infact it is working fine

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KenTel First Officer

No problem here either. And 3dMark05 = 10106. Could it be you need the latest graphics card driver.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Though I don't have a dual core some of your symptoms sound familiar. But first:

I thought maybe it was because I had not loaded FS9.1 update and the improved cfg file in the right order

Maybe I'm misreading this but you don't have to "load" the improved .cfg file after updating to FS9.1 -- it happens automatically.
You also mention that you've

...removed all of FS9 plus add-ons from my system.

If you intend to give it another try, make sure that you go into C / Program Files / and delete all the leftovers from FS9 after having uninstalled FS9 according to procedure.
Also, it can not be over-emphasized to do the new, clean install the way Microsoft outlines. (It's not a good idea to install FS, then install some add-ons and then install the Update thus arriving at FS9.1)

Let's say now you've got a clean install, updated to FS9.1 and are about to install add-ons. My suggestion, Payware first - needless to say, test your system after each install individually, don't do it all at once. Also, I get the best (reliable) results when I install my Payware in chronological order according to publishing date. This way, when files are over-written, you'll have the more recent ones in your Sim. This is important especially in the case of .dll files (FSUIPC in particular) and many gauges in whatever format.

Regarding your display, Ken has probably hit the nail on the head pointing out the latest graphics card driver issue.
The way to test this is simple: If you get no crashes in Safe Mode, I bet my hat it's the drivers. Safe Mode FS9 - NOT - Windows. ➡ Start / All Programs / Microsoft Games / Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / Troubleshooting / Safe Mode.

I've got a 6600GT with v91.31 drivers and no matter which way I tweak, I get the flicker at the Startup Screen - but it doesn't bother me as long as it (hopefully) doesn't hurt my system.
FWIW I used to get a flicker during flight (sometimes) when I toggled between Panel- and Spotplane Views. Increasing the Screen Refresh Rate seems to have solved the problem.

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KenTel First Officer

Well done Tailhook, nice description easy to follow, and you included one which has caused me minor problems in the past.

Monitor refresh rate. I use one TFT/LCD Monitor and a crt, and the makers claim also nVidia show on their control program, that my TFT/LCD monitor can run up to 75 on the refresh scale. But if left to it's own default, it gets set to 60, and boy that can be a real downer. I usually set it at 72, and its fine. The crt has never had this problem always seems to be set at 75, and runs well. Hoping to replace the crt with another TFT soon.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I discovered the recalcitrant Refresh Rate behaviour in a book Ken. It said that XP often sets the rate by default to 60Hz which I found to be true. I have a PHILIPS 107E CRT. Whether or not Windows sets a different rate for different monitors I have no way of knowing - I doubt it though.

You say that your CRT always seems to be set at 75. That value should stay unless you change it or reformat your HDD.. Ergo... a Windows Repair or Windows Reinstall should have the same consequence.

One question pops up though, I've never paid attention whether a GFX driver upgrade sets the Refresh Rate back to 60Hz 🤔

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KenTel First Officer

TailHook Quote,"One question pops up though, I've never paid attention whether a GFX driver upgrade sets the Refresh Rate back to 60Hz"

Funny you saying that, i do believe that it is when updating the GFX drivers that this has happened. Must tie a knot in my finger to remember to note this on next update.. 😂

Rich T Guest

Thanks for the reply guys. I actually contacted AMD direct and they informed me of a dual processor upgrade they have for games with problems. This helped with my other game but not about FS9.

I loaded the base programme (ie. no updates or add-ons) and tried it for one flight. After a few annoyances with the rudder being "cocked" to one side, and the PC getting fed-up and doing a phiysical dump of memory whilst in FS9, I finally did a flight from A to B and all seemed OK (other than the usual menu screen flickering).

However, this morning the PC refused to boot up and so I have another engineer booked to come and fix it. I am at the same time trying to get the company to take the PC back and give me a refund. If successful then I will be looking for another high spec PC.

Does anyone have any recommendations of a relibale and powerful PC which will allow me to run FS9 smoothly?

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KenTel First Officer

Have always built my own, then I know what grade of components I'm using. But for what it's worth, my neighbour has used Mesh for several years, and speaks very well for them, apparently the aftersales service is good. But not knowing your location, maybe that make is not available for you. This is in the UK.

I get all my hardware from, and they supply ready made computers, the prices look reasonable. But you need to check out the specs.

No doubt you will get more suggestions.....

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Rich T wrote:

Does anyone have any recommendations of a relibale and powerful PC which will allow me to run FS9 smoothly?

If you don't want to tackle building your own PC at this stage, I'd suggest to stay away from Brand Computers.

Any Brand Computer includes bells and whistles which you don't need but have to pay for. Also, when you buy your Brand Computer it is already outdated and underpowered.

A simple, yet effective approach:

Make a shortlist of the components you need in the following order ->

*Grapics card -- select from the mid-range (top-end cards are too expensive)

*CPU -- it has to be able to support your graphics card fully, otherwise you'll have a bottleneck and wasted money

*Motherboard -- the board has to be able to support and be fully compatible with both your CPU and graphics card. Be sure it can support at least 2 GB of RAM.
Get a simple one - stay away from new-fangled technologies which haven't matured yet and you'll save money at the same time.

*RAM -- get a reliable brand with a good reputation. Brand RAM modules cost much more than generic ones, but regarding RAM it's not a good time to cut corners. If you're on a budget, additional RAM modules can easily be added at a later stage.

The rest, HDD and Optical Drive are relatively easy to choose.

What's often overlooked is the importance of the case (enclosure). Pay a little more and choose one with ample space and ventilation - it's worth the extra expense.

If the case doesn't have an inbuilt power supply, you'll have to budget for one. Make sure you choose one that allows for expansion. Here again it's wise to select a reputable brand rather than a generic one.

Anything else...? Oh yes --- the Operating System. I only mention it because we tend to forget to budget for it on our shortlist.

Once you've decided on your components, go downtown and shop around. The folks that are willing to build your machine for an acceptable amount according to the cost of the parts will get the job. To scrutinize their reputation is your own responsibility off course.

If you manage to go down this road, you'll be saving plenty of money without having to build your own computer.


I was having similar issues with wierd happenings and strange textures and found out that FS9 does not like Dual Coare processors too much. A quick fix, is when FS9 is running, minimise it, right-click the windows taskbar and select Task Manager. Click the processes tab, find FS9.exe in the list. Right-click it and select "Set Affinity" You should see CPU0 and CPU1, untick CPU1 (this basically makes FS9 run on only one core of the two).

Fixed it for me.

Also see here:

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