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I am currently designing a Cessna 185 with FS Design Studio Version 3 but I have a question.

At the moment I am trying to shape the rear section of the tube to match the tail of the fuselage. But ot do this of course I will need to move some cross sections out of the way. I have restricted the X and Y axis, and pressed Scale Mode and Cross Section Mode but how to I actually move the cross sections the way I want them to? I already know how to move from one cross section to another but I was just wondering how to actually move a partucular cross section.

Thanks 😉

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Sorry, I couldn't answer you question before, but here:
Simple, just press "m" for move mode after having scaled it down to the size you want so that you can move it.Don't forget to press x and y to constrain those axis's after you change mode btw.

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