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can anyone tell me how to set up VATSIM with my FS 2004, what do i need, i am already a member of VATSIM but can't figure out how to get from regular FS flying to the live ATC that VATSIM offers. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated 😀

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you have to download squak box three then once you have turn mfs on stay on the first screen have the headset pluggedin then go on squakbox 3 and make a plan or fly circits the pattern and if you ask the atc controol to help most will you have to set a button to push to talk i use the button in the center of the mouse i hope this helps if not and to get sqwauk box go to google and type aqwauk box 3

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First of all you will need to have a look at the VATSIM website for information involving new pilots.

They have a very useful Pilot's Resource Centre (PRC) that I recommend you look at.

This is their PRC Centre:

You will find all the info you need to get up and flying with VATSIM. Be aware though that you must be up for some proper reading in order to get the best out of VATSIM and also they are very strict - so be prepared! 😉

If you look on the left side of the link above I gave you, you will see a link named 'VATSIM 104 - Add-on Software. Take a good look there too.

If you need any more help, just let us know 😉

Good luck of course 🙂

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I know you want to start flying as fast as possible, but trust me - the quickest way is to read through the material at the PRC (Pilot Resource Center).

At least read the "required reading" ( at you'll be ready to start. When flying your first flight, keep the PRC open in your browser so you can take a peek while flying if necessary (if you have forgotten something or if you are wondering something).

Good luck

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