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ATC In Multiplayer

HyePilot Guest

Do you guys know any live ATC we can microphone talk and fly in Multiplayer. If possible, give me the IP or their Website. Hack

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Karlw Chief Captain

Livewire but you need team speak if you want to actually talk to them in real life

Hope that helps Cool

HyePilot Guest

LiveWire? I already have teamspeak and it works fine, I used TeamSpeak with other servers, but i just wanted to fly with Live ATC, can you give me the LiveWire IP?

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) Captain does somtimes somtimes somtimes those are the servers im on my name is ethier 747Pilot or Taildragger

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bbonsignor Trainee

i have been in many games with people being the atc how can i do that too?

Darkshark Guest

Ive been involved in for a while. This is the closest to reality you can get, everything is done with the highest level of professionalism. Everything from taxi to takeoff, landing, is all controlled by the tower, and in some locations departure, and center are available, sometimes even approach.

if you want to contact me its : ben at darkshark dot us

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