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Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to program FS98 sounds to work in FS9??? I am a retired airforce pilot(C124,C133,B47 and B52) I few prop airplanes by sound. I can tell you that the FS98 sounds where perfect,especially the turbos. The C133 and C130 aircraft had there own sounds. The only prop plane for FS9 with actual sounds is the Berlin Groups Beautiful C124 and a few smaller aircraft. The Mats Con sounds like a P51 inside on takeoff. Please help!! Crying or Very sad

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I doubt that they will work in 2004, you can search out new sound files for new aircraft.
Some 2002 (especially GMAX) aircraft will work in 2004.



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Ermm... I cant remember if fs98 aircraft sounds were in their own folder,ie with each aircraft, if they are have you tried copying the the one you want in to fs9?

I do know that most (if not all) 98 aircraft canot be carried over to fs9(if they can they look horrid)

If you can't copy the sounds over,or they dont work,you may have to rerecord or change them in a differant format(plenty of freeware progs to do that)

Umm... audacity is one (Google for it)

Let us know how you get on

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Nice one, you can find it at

Lockheed C-130 Hercules USAF for FS2004
Military transport and transport aircraft.
Power Plant Four Allison T56-A-15 turboprops;
4,300 horsepower, each engine. Length 97 feet, 9 inches (29.3 meters).
Height 38 feet, 3 inches (11.4 meters).


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