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Some interesting features in this list - I hope its accurate.

Simulation Enhancements in FSX

A lot of users have asked what we have done in the way of enhancements to aircraft and the simulation in general. Here are some that stand out for me off the top of my head (not an all inclusive list).

* New Sim Connect API so third parties can more easily access variables in the sim (i.e. it should be easier for them to build complex aircraft and do it more quickly)
* Completely reworked 2D and VC cockpits for most aircraft
* Completely reworked aircraft exteriors
* Improved VC lighting
* Many new and/or improved gauges
* G1000 and the use of vector graphics for some elements
* Air Traffic Control Tower and associated gauges for use in MP
* Flight model tuning for some aircraft based on beta tester feedback (such as thrust/drag tuning and bug fixing)
* Retractable skis
* Individually retractable tip-floats
* Automatic pressurization system
* New failure models including; Fuel leak, oil leak, oil system failure, fuel pump failure and others
* APU system
* Engine and APU fire failure modes
* Fire suppression
* Fixed helicopter autorotations and other tuning/bugs
* Improved water surface dynamics
* Negative flaps
* Flaperons
* Drooping ailerons (droop when flaps are extended)
* Wing flex
* Water ballast
* Droppable objects
* AI tow plane
* Tow plane rope/interconnected aircraft
* Landable platforms that can move
* Vehicles and animals that can move around following waypoints
* Completely reworked infrastructure for managing objects in the world

And that's just a few of them and doesn't even go into the other aspects of the sim such as the round earth model, space level altitudes, new audio system, new camera system, enhanced scenery detail and complexity, new graphics pipeline and shader support, dynamic airport AI, all new multi-player, new mission system, thousands of new scnery objects, and the list just goes on and on. I won't (or can't) go into the things we almost had or experimented with, but ended up cutting for one reason or another...

I'm sure the whiners of the FS community will pick each and every one of these new systems and models apart and complain that we didn't go far enough with each, or got something wrong, but the truth is that adding and expanding the capabilities of the simulation will make it easier and more flexible for the community to build upon and add onto the platform we are building whether you like our specific implementation or not.

I personally am very proud of what the simulation team and the greater FSX team has been able to accomplish in this version.

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CRJCapt wrote:


Same here 😉

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Looks interesting.

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Great list, it's more to look forward to.


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Well done digging that up Jon -- THanks 😉

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You mentioned,"Vehicles and animals that can move around following waypoints"
Are these editable by user? ❓ I understand only highways will show this feature if I'm correct. Will we be able to activate any road with moving vehicles by means of editing?


I heard that the gates at airports will now adjust to the height of your aircraft and attach to the exit. I think it was described in this video.

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Anonymous wrote:

I heard that the gates at airports will now adjust to the height of your aircraft and attach to the exit. I think it was described in this video.

Yes, I heard that too. Let's just wait and see how it all turns out. 😉

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