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when i'm using VATSIM should i be using the excact (real) time of the airport in real life, because if i file my flight plan w/ VATSIM for 8am tuesday do i have to log onto VATSIM at 8 in the morning, or can i come on at 3pm and just set the time on my flight to 8. If i do this will this just confuse the ATC, or can i. I know that is confusing, if you can clear it up for me that would be sweet, and if you dont even understand what i just wrote i can try and simplify my question. Thanks

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File your flight plan for real time UTC. What you set it to look like in FS is up to you.

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Exactly. You can have FS set to any time you want, but it's best to file your flight plan using actual time (UTC, GMT). As a controller I (and everyone else too) always give information just before taxi and that includes time, so don't be confused.

For example I might say "CodyH001 your readback is correct. Time is 54, runway for departures 03R, QNH 1008, wind is 220 at 5. Pushback and startup at own discretion, call me for taxi".

In all this bundle you see I give you the "correct" time (54 minutes past the hour). It's not essential, you can ignore it 99 times out of 100. Some virtual airlines insist flights are flown on correct times and every once in a blue moon you may need a time reference in communication with ATC or over UNICOM (for example "CodyH001 estimates passing ABLON at 25")

Hope it helps 🙂

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