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2 Questions for you guys.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Well, I was curious, seeing is how we are all obsessed about FS04, how big is your Flight Simulator 9 Folder?

Mine is 10.2 GB and contains around 53,000 files.

Secondly, If there's any other commercial jet pilots out there other than me, I wonder if you'd like some fuel planning guides? I have some for a few different types of aircraft. List what you want and I'll see what I can do!

GringoHomie Guest

Mines only 2.77 GB. ( 39, 641 files) Where can I get the fuel planning guides 😎

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Because my h/d died Wall Bashing I had to start anew.
The old one was about twice this size.


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sylvan First Officer

5.34GB and climbing 😳

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jelami First Officer

Interesting question, as I was looking at the properties of mine which is 5.9g this bright and warm ray shined in my window. I got up to look and there is a large yellow glowing ball in the hurt at first, but then I noticed green grass and leaves on the trees, I began to remember some of these strange sights.
I think I might go outside today and see what else is out there.
Well maybe after one quick flight from Maine to Georgia following the appalachian trail 😀

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I'll post the plannign guides, just tell me what aircraft you want them for.

Garren Guest

6.65 GB and 46,042 Files.
Only had the game about 2 months. I've had to delete a number of other games to keep FS9 working properly. Even SimCity4 had to make way 😞
I need a bigger HD me thinks.

GringoHomie Guest

I'd like all the Boeings (737, 747, 777) and the bombardier learjet
Thanks 😎

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Ok, we'll see what we can do!

I have none on the 737, other than this.

on takeoff, fuel flow is approx. 8,800PPH

on climb through 10,000 feet at less than 250 KIAS. Keep N1 at around 73-75% and you will get 3,910

Climbing thro FL 150. at 92% N1, FF is 5,600PPH

Thru 250 FF is 3,930 at 90.6 N1

thru FL300, FF is 3,300 PPH at 91.3% N1

Cruise at FL330 FF is approx 2,860 at 82.1%N1
Cruise at FL 340 FF is approx. 2,420 at 80.3%N1


First Hour of flight, fuel burn is 12,000 LBS.

After that, usually the flight planner works well to determine approx. fuel, don't forget 2,000 LB reserve for taxi, 10,000LBS for emergencies where descent to a lower altitude would better benefit the passengers. Also, at least 6500 LBS over the flight planner, as well as everything else would kinda be a good idea in windy conditions.


Formula is (Base Fuel+(Distance*Fuel Burn Factor))

Burn Rate is 13.35LBS per nautical Mile.

Base Fuel is 4,500LBS

Also, add at LEAST 4,000LBS for your 60 Minute Reserve

1,500 LBS extra, and Taxi with only one engine operative also is good!


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