Boeing 7E7 accurate?

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Hello everyone,

Is the Boeing 7E7 model accurate? I've been having trouble flying it. On take off, I fly out for miles while having only climbed 800 feet. And on descent, I have to use full speed brakes to keep from accelerating.

What does everyone else think?

-- dK

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Are you using the proper flap settings for T/O & landing? What throttle setting are you using?

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Since noone has probably flown the 7e7, who would know? But general flying is always the same. While holding altitude, reduce throttles to slow to descent speed, then nose it over. You will definitely have to use speed brakes on most jets during descent. next time you fly get a window seat over the wings and watch the speed brakes come out. Of course, rate of descent affects speed. Habu

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