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I have a ton of problems when taxiing. I can't seem to be able to turn well, so I always miss the taxiways. When I don't land straight, I have no way of fixing myself.

I just want your tips for good taxiing. Anything is appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


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What are you flying?

imagine1989 Guest

Pretty much everything.

Most often, Cessnas and 747s (quite a mix, eh?)

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jelami First Officer

first SLOW down, way down
Do you have a twisting joystick for the rudder? It really helps
For tail draggers, many have Differential brakes, and the tail wheel pivots freely. Apply the brake and rudder at the same time.
I have also noticed several add on planes that the front wheels turn to far, 90' and then you will just skid. you have to back off on the rudder a little so the wheels are rolling.

Good luck

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What jelami said plus I taxi (tail-draggers) with full flaps., it's easier to control the speed.


Pearson Guest

Hi. basiccally i have exactly the same problem about not being able to turn well so i miss the taxi strips, i did discover that the tail rudder works a treat apart from the fact that i can never get it to be completely straight again its lways set slightly left or right can any1 help 😕
Thanks oh i dont have a twisting joypad i just use the aroow keys on my keyboard.

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Two ideas.

I just use my twist joystick for all tail-draggers. See if this helps you.

Have you unlocked the tailwheel Shift+G?


new simmer Guest

Is there a certain guide for the speed, on taxiways?


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All right, here's the setup.

If you are flying a small plane, Cessna for example, do NOT exceed 12 knots. When you turn, slow down to around 5-6knots. Also, don't taxi in a crosswind with your flaps down. That will increase the area of the wing that catches air. So you'll be yanked around a lot.

Make sure you know how to fly the 747 well buddy, I can't stress that enough. If all you're doin is getting on the runway and hittin F4 to go full throttle, you ought to read up and take lessons, its WAY more fun! When taxiing on a straight and long taxiway, you can get up to around 22-25 knots. Jets haul arse on taxiways. When you turn, keep it down to 8 knots max, but don't stop, otherwise you will need a lot of thrust to get going again.

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Thanks Captain

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Dont know if this is any help, but I find that it is tons easier for me if I change the view and go right behind the aircraft looking slightly down. Do this and go slow and you will never miss a turn again!

Elkin Guest

Here is something that REALLY works. Program the left and right arrow keys as the left and right differential brake contrlos. You won't believe how well this works!!!

I fly the 747's as well as the lighter planes. One of my favorites is the tri-motor.

When I touchdown with the 747, I IMMEDIATELY begin 'tickling' the diff brakes. I keep the rudder straight unless I have to use it. I do this and have ZERO trouble with runway allignment etc.

Happy flying.

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i'd be careful with the diff. brakes. I've found that if you use the Autobrake, as well as diff brake, it will whip you around as you are using one brake for the same amount of force as both are with the Autobrake. And furthermore, why would you need the diff. brakes anyway for anything other than the tailwheel planes? I havent found a time yet where a li'l rudder was'nt enough. Maybe you are hittin more nasty winds than i am

Elkin Guest

Right you are!! Careful!! Give it a try!!

All I know is that I bring a HEAVY aircraft to the centerline and this fuggin thing is sliding sideways!!!!!!!! Can't be that way. I even went into the aircraft cfg and rated the rudder authority to 1.5 from 1.0.

Let me tell you something. It works well. Maybe it is just me. Hey! Each to there own. These planes are very accurate in the dymnamics department, no dougbt.

Don't knock it till you try it. If you are right on the money all the time. GRATS!!

Just an idea. My touch requires it. Even with AB, I tickle here on the left or right,,,, It is there!!!!!

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