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Flyaway just returned and is implementing forum changes (mods) to the site to slow down if not prevent the spam we have been inundated with the past week or so.

Work will take time as he sees how each one is working.

Side note: The Screenshot Forum can now take 30 entries into the polls so we can have just one post with the screenshot contest (voting).
As you have already seen the number of screenshots per post has also been boosted up.

Edit by Flyaway:
Guests now have to confirm a code each time they post. The code stays the same, it's not random. This seems to be keeping SPAM posts at bay so far. Registered members carry on as normal, the posting system does not change for them. Ranking post counts have also changed, the figures are below:

First Officer:
100 posts

500 posts

Chief Captain:
1000 posts


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8th September 2006
We have removed the ICEY theme from the system. All users have now been migrated to the newer FlyAway theme. If old ICEY users are having trouble accessing the website, they need to simply delete old cookies and re-login to the site. The most common error message is:
Code: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: themeheader() in /home/virtual/site3/fst/var/www/html/header.php on line 176

The following will fix the problem.

To delete cookies in Firefox:
1. Open the Tools menu.
2. Select Options.
3. Select the Privacy to open sub-menu.
4. Click the View cookies item.
5. Select one or more cookies you want to remove and click "Remove Cookie". Clicking "Remove All Cookies" will delete all cookies.

To delete cookies in Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x:

1. Run Internet Explorer
2. Open the Tools menu.
3. Select Internet Options to open the Dialog box.
4. Click the "Delete Cookies" button.

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9th September 2006
After the migration to the new Icey theme we noticed some problemes with the Your Account module not displaying properly. This has now been fixed and you can edit/view your profile page correctly.

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9th September 2006
As a forum member spotted recently, there were some ghost users in the memberlist with no details listed. This has now been fixed and the members database has been optimized.

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