My August Planespotting Photos *17 new photos*

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ceetee Chief Captain

I found a new spot at Auckland International that was perfect for taking photos today (In real life, not sim screenshots) and after taking over 200 pics thanks to the fine spring weather, I now have 17 of my best to show you:

***WARNING 56k'ers, 17 images totalling 1.90MB to follow***

1. ZK-KFB, Air National's Gulfstream G-IV

2. The Lifeflight NZ Air Ambulance

3. Thai airways Airbus A340 aka "the flying pencil"

4. Another A340, owned by LAN Chile, touches down on runway 23L

5. Great Barrier Airline's BN-2A Tri-Islander

6. Mountain Air's (who are GBA's only rival) "Great Barrier Xpress" BN-2 Islander

7. An Emirates 777

8. Another EK 777

9. An Air New Zealand B1900d taxis while an Air National Jetstream takes off behind

10. ZK-NEB, recently repainted for fs2004

11. Yet another A340 from South America

12. A beaut Qantas 767

13. ZK-JNC, a smaller Qantas jet on domestic duty

14. VH-OJM touching down from Sydney

15. Little 'n large members of the ANZ fleet

16. ZK-SJB in the Freedom Air/ Air New Zealand 'hybrid' scheme. If you look at the Koru on the tail, you can see the old sunshine logo hiding behind the paint.

17. Another private jet- not too sure who owns this

...thats all, hope you enjoyed, comments are welcome!

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Bindolaf Captain

Very nice!

Pro Member Chief Captain
Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Beautiful shots there! Great selection of aircraft and liveries - thanks!

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brownbox Captain

yay for the Thai A340!!!!!

Pro Member Captain
Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Very, very nice shots!! I loved the 4th and last pictures 👍

Pro Member Chief Captain
Greekman72 Chief Captain

👍 👍 👍 👍

Pro Member Chief Captain
VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Awesome ❗ 👍

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice and clear, close ups are excellent and some of the new paints are interesting.
I do like that Islander, unusual configuration.


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TimH First Officer

Great shots!!!! 😀 😀

Pro Member First Officer
violentviolet First Officer

Fantastic photos,the closest folk get to taking pictures at Prestwick Airport is about 20 yards outside the perimeter fence.It appears you had your wire cutters with you that day.... well done. 😀

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freedspeak First Officer

Very professional. I especially liked the landing shots.

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Nice great shots

Pro Member First Officer
Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer


calvin_nz Guest

that private jet may be Graeme Harts BD-700, but the reg on it is registered to WellsFargo bank in the USA..... nice photoshop on it though, i thought it was a little strange seeing 2 planes like that at the same time at NZAA

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