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Ehm Guest

I'm flying a LJ45. Being busy most of the day flying around in Scandinavia. Now I'm on my last leg from EGPF to EGSS and there's 180 nm togo at FL130.

The issue is that I only got 350 LBS of fuel left now. I'm currently crusing with a speed of 250, and the wind is 306 / 29 mag (tailwind).

Is there anyway I can roughly calculate if I make it? Fuel consumption says 405 FF PPH currently if that's any help.

Ehm Guest

So by using my brain I figured out I'll make it. Since PPH is pounds pr. hour, and 250 knots is 250 nm in an hour, and I 'only' got 180 nm to cover, I'll make it Smile. Unless I'm being asked to go around a couple of times. Hrm.

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