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Allegiant rumor of Sioux Falls focus city

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From the recent news and rumors say that Allegiant is looking at Sioux Falls as a midwestern area focus city, just like being a stop for travelers and from Sioux Falls to many different destinations being not just Las Vegas and orlando. I dont know if this will really be but again from what i have heard, Allegiant wants to full fill the following routes from SF to compete majorly:

San Diego

I know four cities arent a lot but fsd already has Las Vegas and Orlando serivce, what are your guys' thoughts about this?

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Well I just recently did some research on Allegiant, seems like a good airlines. I recently was looking for some real life routes to fly with my MD-82 and since thats pretty much the only thing they use they were perfect. Currently I'm flying there route from Colorado Springs down to Las Vegas. And in a few minutes I'm about to fly back from Vegas to Colorado again.

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They have very low fares. They are a good airline, but they really should turn daily flight instead of the 5 times weekly. The FSD-LAS route is the most flown route in South Dakota. But i have heard the Sun Country might do FSD-LAS. If you needed to go to the east coast like say New York or someplace, and you flew the lowest fare airline, say allegiant, would you mind making a short connection through the airport?

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I personally think Sioux Falls is the best place to go to and live. They should turn Sioux Falls into a focus city so that everyone could see the natural beauty of the Midwest, Sioux Falls is a great place, ive been there, the people are nice, theres always something to do and i visited the Falls on the Big Sioux River. I do think they Should turn FSD into a midwest focus city

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