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Luggage Allowances

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Recently, my father travelled transatlantic/european with British Airways, however when we checked him in, I asked about the payload allowances. They said that up until October 11th, each piece would be allowed to weight <70lbs. After 10/11, luggage would have to weight <50lbs. Aside from British Airways, most of the other major european airlines have already altered the allowances to <50lbs. Now, it has been proven that the aircraft could manage luggage limits of <70lbs, so why have they changed the regulation? Is it just another way to make money?

(I referred mainly to european airlines because this is based on research of Air France, Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and British Airways. I believe Northwest airlines has also changed the allowances to <50lbs, but I'm not sure of the other airlines.)

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RadarMan Chief Captain

At a guess I would say that your right.
A combination of more money, (not kidding here) fatter people and too many bags checked in because they can't have many carry-on items.
Ship items UP ahead to the hotel, now very common.

AA saves a fortune having aluminum skin, less paint=less weight=better fuel mileage.


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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Its sad that they would do that. It makes things very difficult for us.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I'm flying with BA next week who say that you can take two bags weighing up to 32kg, 70lbs (140lbs in total) for free. Airlines are always looking at new ways to make money and the price of fuel at the moment has probably sparked this idea.

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

99jolegg wrote:

I'm flying with BA next week who say that you can take two bags weighing up to 32kg, 70lbs (140lbs in total) for free.

Yep, that policy will remain enforced until October 11th, at which point they will reduce the weight to 50lbs. Other airlines have already adjusted their policies to fit the 50lb rule. If they would make you pay extra by the pound, that would be ok, but KLM is charging a base of something in the range of $120 regardless of the amount of weight exceeded. Its going to be tough going back home. I travel this Friday, and my parents have asked me to bring a lot of things back with me. I can barely afford to pay the overweight charge, which I'm going to have to do, because I can't keep all the weight within regulation considering everything I'm taking home for them, and for myself, (clothes, etc.) -- I think it would have been better to just ship 'em, but I'm always afraid of damage to the luggage, or late arrivals. I'd rather have everything arrive with me, than end up chasing it somewhere in Beijing, because careless service put it on the wrong flight, which has happened all to many times.

Regardless of the outcome, the ordeal will be over in a few days.

Thanks for your replies 😉

PS: Jon, hope you have a wonderful trip, wherever your going 😉

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Rob (airbus902) Trainee

i think that airlines should let people take hand luggage however big or small but at the airports have tighter security so that the general public can take what they want 😳

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