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Hi i am looking to join a VA
I am 14 years old i have had fs2004 for for a cuople of years now
recently i have started playing on fs alot due to my pc upgrade
i know how to fly the planes
i usualy fly 737`s 757`s
a340 ans some other airbusses
i know how to land planes and takeoff correctly and i know all the rest o the other stuff
i have tried failuers such as engine failures and i can land them ok to
so if u are looking for a pilot i am free

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You are much better off looking for a VA that suits you, rather than waiting for someone to come to you. I have usually found that a VA that runs around various forums trying to recruit as many people as possible, doesn't last long and isn't very successful.

I would recommend - a very nice and well organised / run VA. If you need any help with the small entrance test, let us know.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

There is a sticky thread with a list of VAs near the top of this forum. Look through it. Check out their web sites. Choose the one you think you would enjoy the most.

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cheers guys



Did you miss me?

I suggest ASA. Quite good for those aircraft you listed

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