Most realistic flight planner (freeware if possible)

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Hi everyone

Now that I have the pmdg 737 and have learned the FMC I would like to get some reaistic flight plans for chosen routes of mine

I have FSBuild, but some routes it generates can be a bit odd at times (usually its quite accurate, but on the longer flights it can go wrong at places)

Are there any websites on the internet that will generate realistic flight plans for me listing the Airways, VORs and intersections along the route

Thanks in advance,

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I use EUroute myself: or if you o to the main oage you can get a cool piece of software for FS so u can do it in game.

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What you can do is use this to get your plan:


Then copy the flight plan from above and put it into: FsRoute.
For FsRoute you can save it as a flightplan for PMDG FMC

Nick 😀

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I have fsbuild to visualize the planes out for me, which can be good! I have no problems entering the flightplans myself into the FMC, and I prefer to do this because it feels like I have control over where I'm going and that lol

Thanks again for the suggestions everyone!

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