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FSX Beta

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Chris102 Chief Captain

For those who have the FSX beta:

It is worth uninstalling FS2004 to run the Beta? I'm low on memory, so I can't have both installed at the same time.


I would say no. Its a beta so it will have bugs in it. Its not worth uninstalling FS2004 for it. I would just wait until the full version comes out. Theirs only a month left anyways 🙂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It won't have anything to do with memory Chris just space on the h/d.
I'd like to try it out.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

The FSX Beta has been mentioned on several occasions. How and where can I get it? I've got the Demo.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

The demo is definately not worth it uninstalling FS9 for. Nope

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