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first question: take a look at this link

Can somebody make that plane or at least that paint. I think it looks great and id love to fly it.

Second point:
a while back i made this post:

Some people asked me to report back when i took this further so here goes. last night i went to the doctor for a medical examination. He rang back today to say that he rang CASA who told him that at best i would probably get a private licence but definitely not a commercial one Mad Crying or Very sad . if anything ill probably get that private licence later in life if and when i have the time and money to fly as a hobby.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I've had a look for a Zivko Edge 540 and can only find files for FS98 Dont Know

I'm sorry to hear about that Nero. I wish you luck if and when you decide to undertake your PPL 👍

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Good luck Nero 👍

Jamie4590 Guest

Its a shame that a commercial carreer is unlikely but never say never. Go for your PPL and then take it from there. Best of luck. 👍

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yeah, I would suggest you to go for PPL for the flying an airplane. At least at some point in your life you won't regret or feel bad that you could have atleast got a PPL and you would have a feel of satisfaction of been there and done it

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Sorry to hear that 😞 . I'm sure you'l find your own way to enjoy flight to the max no matter what happens. 😀 😀 😀

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Where there's a will, there's a way 😉

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