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Strange Colours at 45'000ft

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I took these pics yesterday and am so intrigued I wanted you to check them out. I departed runway 5 from Stanstead and climbed east until I hit the sea. At this point I made a 45 degree left turn so I could begin a supersonic flight heading north over the ocean. When I got to about FL450 I could see interesting coloured clouds just above me and they lasted until I reached cruising altitude. Its not something I've seen before and I didn't think clouds formed that high. I first thought about the northern lights but I was a bit far away for it to be that! I couldn't see them inside the cockpit just from the outside views. They looked spectacular. I was going to fly the route again to see if they re-appeared but climbing that high isn't easy and the land of nod was calling me. I'll be checking it out again tonight though.

They appeared shortly before the ULA intersection. N057 06.63 E002 50.68.

I would be grateful if anyone knows what they could be. I've snooped around on google etc with no luck.

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Jamie4590 Guest

It is? Well I never. Nice little feature.

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The Northern Lights:
A fun adventure is to set your sim to 8pm, summer time, and go to a small Norweigen airport in a small prop aircarft. You can then take your PAX up to 8,000 feet and give them a great view of M$'s fantastic Northern Lights!

Jamie4590 Guest

Well you learn something everyday. I never knew the northern lights could be seen from the UK. Are there add-ons to enhance it in FS?

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