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brownbox Captain

Well, I finally got active camera working, so I decided id do something special to celebrate it.

NZAA 9 September 2006. Flight NZ482 preparing for depart to Changi, Singapore.
As I come out of my office, I see the Air New Zealand 767-300 im going to be working on:

First I start with the nosegear:

Moving on then too the baggage compartment. Must check the hinges and bolts 🙂

Next I go on to checking the engine-must turn it off first 😂

Then the main landing gear. Check things like tyre pressure, tyre tread, and rubber quality, and brakes

On to the wings. Looking at the flaps, spoilers, and hydraulics

Lets quickly check the rudder while were at it

And last but not least, the elevators

Pushback from gate- Hey thats me waving for the photo!!

See you next time...

Thats the lot. Please comment

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice shots and a very nice aircraft, well done!


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violentviolet Captain

Love the tyres. 😉

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Good job.Very nice angles. ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗
You show as some very interesting details of the craft👍 👍 👍

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Donald Stratton (GoneGolfing) First Officer

brownbox nice detail angle shots 👏 👏

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

my favourite was the nose gear.

good job!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Seems you're enjoying yourself tremendously - don't forget to get some kip now and then 😀

Nice work 👍

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brownbox Captain

thankyou all for your comments! 👏 👏

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Nice shots. I'm not keen on Active Camera. I think Walk & Follow is better IMO. But that's just me.

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brownbox Captain

yeah, im not a big fan of it either but hey! it does the job 😉

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