Need help Quick! Blurry Textures

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ceetee Chief Captain

Following the FS9.cfg tweak here: I have increased my FPS.

Unfortuantly though, I have lost the sharp texures on my buildings and trees, and they now look like this:

How can I fix this? Please help me ASAP as I want to continue my Long White Cloud tour today!


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Can you set the cog back the way it was, if so do it and see if that's what caused the problem or if you "damaged" some other part of the file.


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hinch Chief Captain

go to view options - zoom out one notch to say 0.80 then back into the sim. does the trick when it happens to me but it doesn't work using +/-

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ceetee Chief Captain

Whoops- I made a mistake.

The 'TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=' line should not be changed.

Instead, you should add the 'TextureMaxLoad=' line underneath the 'TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT' like so:


Sorry everyone 🙄

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