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hey guys, as the title says, my opinion on this game, i like the game its really nice especialy how the airports are done with the cars and etc, i like the scenery and the traffic, the i downloaded FSX Today this morning and i'v tried it, its great, my computer working weel its not stopping, my computers spec are 1GB RAM, 1.7 mghz-2.4 and 5200 GeForce, and its working well, as i told before i bought a new video card GeFrce 7900 GX i tihnk 256 mb , and i still didnt put it into my computer, i am waiting till my dad will buy a new hard disk, memory and speed, in other wards new processor, and i think its gonna be in a month as we move to live into other house, so it wont be a mess, so just wanted to say with my computer performances the game warks great, even better then fs2004 😂 .

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Thats good for you tiger7887. 👍
And im sure that you are going to enjoy much more with your new Hardware.

Thanks for the feedback. 😉

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

oh yea, :lol;


Will this games terrain be satelite captured...for example will you be able to see your house and street you live on if you fly over?

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

I dont know, i got the demo so i didnt even was in the country where i always fly, so i dont know, but i tihnk u wouldnt, they cant be that much specific, if it was it would be about like 7 GB for this game or more, think to ur self for every street in the world? ! 😂

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Taylor First Officer

thanks for the info 😀

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