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line ups of Aircrafts???

omair500 Guest

Can you guys help me i'm trying to find the add-on for line ups of aircrafts at the airports and freeware please Confused

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Can you be a bit more specific Question

omair500 Guest

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VegasFlyer Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 6:05 pm Post subject:


Can you be a bit more specific


what i mean is that in the real world you know when the plane pushbacks there are lines of planes who want to take-off and i want to find the add-on for it Exclamation

Jamie4590 Guest

Put your traffic to max and just hang around for a while on the tarmac and aircraft will taxi to queue behind you. I find it funy to see huge Boeings and then a tiny prop plane in the middle of them. Laughing

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

Payware products are the best for the type of traffic you want.

omair500 Guest

where can i find the payware one Question and jamie i already tried but it doesn't work Exclamation

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RadarMan Chief Captain
Omair500 Guest

Man i wish it was freeware Crying or Very sad

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cheechm First Officer

Go to ProjectAI and download the installer and any airline traffic you want.

Installer is here: Installer
Packages are here: (Civil)

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Mitchell Delaney (minicaptain) First Officer

yeah, Project ai is defenately your best freeware option Thumbs Up!

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mossy First Officer

I would reccomend traffic 2005, i know that its not freeware but its not too expensive - only 20.00, and it is really good for the lineups and lots of other stuff

Omair500 Guest

Thanks Cheecm finally there are airplanes all around the airport and in line to take off oh yeah one more thing do you know how to uninstall project AI Question because its making my simulator slow Exclamation Crying or Very sad

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