How do u use that !!!

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Hi guys, i got all planes from the PMDG but in each plane, they got the little monitor with keybored, looks like small computers, i think u know what i am talking about, how u use it ????, and I got finely full active camera, how u use it too???, thx in advance.

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I am pretty sure you are talking about the FMC??!! The only way to learn how that works is to read the manual and follow the examples. Same with Active Camera! It should all be in the manual for all payware. If it isn't email the maker.

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Donald Stratton (GoneGolfing) First Officer

Yes read the pdf for the FMC (Flight Management Control), it takes a little time to understand but when you get the hang of it, its pretty simple. Its just not a thing to just jump in and your flying, its pretty advanced and fun to fly. Good Luck

PS: Dont get me wrong im not being a jerk but no one can forcefeed you the manual nor hold your hand, agian good luck tiger7881

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

The Flight Management Computer is a complex piece of software that requires your dedication, time, and patience to master. Only recently have I been able to say I'm comfortable with using the FMC. Basically, it will map out every phase of your flight, can be edited for inflight/approach changes, and will give you all aircraft reference information you need (i.e. Vspeeds etc.) It can get aggravating to fully understand at times, however just report any questions you have here, read the manual, and you'll have mastered this plane in no time 😉

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