FSPassengers penalizing me..

MrSam Guest

FSPassengers said I landed "126knts beyond the end of runway"

Huh? I didn't land beyond the end of the runway. However, I was battling a crosswind and landed further down the runway than I would have liked. Are they penalizing me for not landing "on the numbers"? Also, the passengers got upset and said "they felt I made an unsafe landing." What cowards!!!

GRRR this software gets me so angry sometimes...

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cheechm First Officer

It trys to be as realistic as possible. It think it is a good buy!

Jamie4590 Guest

It would be better if you could identify the passengers who complained and give them a damn good kicking! 😂

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TimH First Officer

Techincally that penealty means that you rolled off the end of the runway after landing

As in off the runway itself and onto the grass or whatever at the end of it

It might have been a bug in FS, but this is uncommon

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

MrSam wrote:

FSPassengers said I landed "126knts beyond the end of runway"

Since knts are a refrence to speed rather than distance, I seriously doubt you quoted it correctly.

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