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The visual isn't very good but the sound is incredible and caputers whats going on as they approach. Notice they refer to it as instrument guidance system (IGS) and observe when they disengage the AP and hand fly the final turn on to the runway. 😳

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This is a CRJ700 landing. Its like being there. One question I have though is how would the person fiming have been cleared to do it and be free to move around the cocpit. Wouldn't that be a company violation perhaps even unlawful?

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...erm the link might be useful^


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Nice vid, I thought the music............ "Land Of Hope And Glory" totally ruined it 🙄 . Thanks for sharing.

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i love the 2nd video - really great showing all the systems and checks and a really perfect landing.

it looks like the guy is in the jumpseat with a tripod setup - such a thing is common to see on Wink

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First video is an approach into Kai Tak (checkerboard approach) the old HK airport which is a different approach to the norm due to the tight turn required. Note the FO giving calls. Here is a link to the app plate nice 45 degree turn to final over downtown Kowloon!

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I like it

Dark Moment's 'Idiot's Guide' to landing the right way up on the infamous R13:

Remove cabin staff from knee.


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I find it interesting how different airlines adopt different procedures. In the first video its seemingly quiet but the second vid there its lots of talking as different switches and dials are set with the captain announcing 'checked' each time as confirmation. This shows a better command structure and I'm sure the captain would be ready to prompt the F/O if he needed to. As long as there is air travel there will be accidents but I'm sure in a world where every procedure is universally standard the accident statistics would be lower especially during landing which is where most accidents arise.

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