FS9 viewing and aerodynamics

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😂 Hi guys,
Tweaking the F117 for FS9 I came across a phenomenon that took me about 24 hours to figure out. Using an aliassed Mig panel I noticed breaking out of the F117 (that jet-motorized lifting body) in turns, when changing view from outside to cockpit. The phenomenon didn't occur when flying steep turns in either viewing mode. But changing modes had a significant impact on the aerodynamical representation of FS9. Nextly I tested other aircraft for this quirky behaviour. It then occurred ot me, that when instruments are present not capable of 'covering' the plane (a Mooney gauge in the F-16) this may cause 'ill-behaviour' of the sim... Has anybody noticed, or did I miss this point in earlier Forum discussions?
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Interesting when you experiment like that. I imagine that some of the gauges and panels are exclusively designed to handle a certain aircraft or possibly weight and handling are considered when gauges are built.
I'm curious what others have experienced doing this.


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