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some some shot,s please tell me what you think

axflyer Guest

Here are just some shots i took in my new 146-200, and the air force one 747

Sorry about the photobucket url, I'm still not sure how to upload them to here, if someone would care to help, it would be greatly appreciated

thanks and here they are

and here's the album

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

These are some nice shots 👍 👍 👍 .
The wing view one is great.
Try to play a little with your GFX's AA settings in order to improve jaggies. 😉

Your album is password protected.You need to disable this protection in order your album be free to view.

Read this about pics upload and not only. ➡

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Donald Stratton (GoneGolfing) First Officer

axflyer, nice shots i agree with GM, you need to up the AA on your card get rid of them jaggies someone's gonna get cut 🙂. All in all nicely done.



Sorry about this, but I'm not that good with all the computer hoohaa, so could someone tell me how to adjuct my AA, thanks, simple steps would help alot

thanks again

axflyer Guest

here is just a test run, to see if i did it right

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