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Hello, i pre ordered a copy of fsX back in August, as I am from the UK the european release date was 13th October so I looked at an american site and their release date was 03 October so i ordered off the american one because im too impatient to wait for this. I recently just checked around and it seems everywere now says the USA release date is the 17th Ocober while the european one remains the same, can somebody shed some light on this for me please as if this is the case i might aswell get my money back from my pre-order and get it from the UK,

Thank You

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As far as we know the date in the US is the 17th, the UK, you have to check the sites there.


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Amazon UK, are taking pre-orders, with the same date given for delivery.

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This is Microsoft we are talking about, right?

The release date: YGIAGAM (Your guess is as good as mine).

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