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Jinnah Intl (OPKC) - Delhi Intl (VIDP)

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Hi again!

Screenshots and a short vid of the next leg I did

The vid is only 1.6MB, its not too big

Jinnah Intl, Pakistan (OPKC) - Delhi, India (VIDP)

Spooling up the engines for takeoff


Climbing out

Climbing above the clouds

Climbing, wing view

Descending into high altitude cumulus

Still descending

On approach - about to go through the thick fluffy cumulus

On final - after coming out of the cloud

Short final


Video of touchdown (press play to start the video if it doesnt automatically start after about 20 seconds)

FsPassengers Report

Hope you liked them!


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Is that REP you've got there?

Nice shots.

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TimH First Officer

Indeed it is Real Environment Pro

Its a great add-on 😀

Thanks for the nice comment!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The scenery is just beautiful, the screenshots are very nicely done and I liked that perfect landing.
Nice and short, even if it is slow loading, it's worth it.


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violentviolet Captain

Simply spendid 👍 'Nuff said my friend. 😀

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PanAmerican Captain

Very Nice pictures and video.

Are you going to upload them to:

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Extraordinary shots ❗ Awesome angles!!! Great job 👍 🍻

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