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Livewire Airlines, established in 2000, continues to grow, and is now welcoming pilots looking for a purpose.

We offer some amazing benefits that other VAs just can't compete with:
4 separate divisions, spanning the globe
dozens of aircraft and routes, from short hops to long hauls
a complete pilot experience including flight pay, promotions, and careers
employment above that of pilot, including hub management, flight development, and aircraft painters
a forum community unrivaled in the VA universe
a dedicated LiveATC system in addition to VATSIM, where rookie pilots can get their feet wet
you get virtual $$ for flying, so you might as well invest it, including Livewire stocks and even purchasable shares of individual aircraft.

It's free, it's fun, and it offers a purpose to flying FS like no other. Livewire Airlines. Take your free tour today: (Click on preview and follow the instructions!)

Sr 1st Officer Dave Lafferty

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