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I have had the RCB groundhandling software in use for some times and it generally works very well indeed, making life much more controllable.

I note that one or two downloaded aircraft seem to have some difficulty with it both taxying and landing:

on taxying setting the speed does not necessarily result in that being the actual taxi speed and sometimes there is reluctance to move at all.

on landing I pre-armed the top righthand button but this does not result in controlled deceleration. Even if the brakes are applied and the taxi button pressed there can be disastrous results - the aircraft does not slow down, running off the end of the runway or the converse it appears to go instantly from landing speed to taxi speeds.

I can't figure this out and at the moment I have linked these problems to the Shorts "Tucano" but I plan to try many more to see how general this problem.

I checked line by line the RCB groundhandling program and what is on the plane is the same as in the Readme that came with the software.

I am greatly mystified!

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Aldeeb wrote:

I am greatly mystified!

Seeing that no one has replied yet I must ask you what that RCB groundhandling software is as I am just as mystified and apparently so are others.
Is it Payware - Freeware? Where can we have a look at it?

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Hi Tailhook

the file you want is named rcbgh-40 and I downloaded it as freeware from Avsim.

The Readme is very good and gives everything you need to know how to install and how it functions, together with all the lines that have to be added into the "Panel.cfg" file. Literally takes seconds to install.

Adding the operating Icon is no problem as you simply look for a space on the panel, probably alongside the existing icons (Map, GPS etc) and then give it appropriate x,y co-ordinates.

Operation is very effective and full groundhandling works a treat -

1. pushback (with an invisible tug) is fully controllable - straight back "X" feet or turn the tail left or right.

2. taxying is under full control and the speed can be adjusted from the GH window to avoid running up the tail of the aircraft in front on the taxiway.

3. landing used to be no problem as pre-arming the Groundhandling and clicking on taxi caused rapied decelleration, braking and retraction of the flaps. For some reason some of my aircraft refuse to be controlled in this way and at the moment I am stumped as to why.

If you haven't met it before have a go as I certainly recommend it as a useful addon.

Should there be no icons on the panel for the usual functions the best way is to find a gap with no instruments and measure from the nearest gauge co-ordinates to decide where to put the GH icon. No problem at all.

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hi there - take a look in the tacano's config, i think the RCB gauges still rely on autopilot speed hold...but using groundspeed

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Hi Hinch

thanks for your reply. I'm not quite sure, in fact to be totally honest I don't know at all, exactly what I am looking for in the Tucano software. Presumably this is not entirely a problem associated with the "Panel" file and might also link to "Aircraft". Could you please point me in the right direction.

It seems to affect several aircraft so there has to be a common factor somewhere.

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I've checked the system with a couple of aircraft, Bombadier Dash-8 Q400 and Fairey Gannet, and they both work perfectly on pushback, taxi and landing.

The Shorts Tucano works on pushback but neither taxi nor landing function.

I tried to send an email to the author but his email address ( wouldn't work and bounced back unknown.

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hello again,

what i mean by config is the aircraft config or aircraft.cfg

this will be in the tucano's base folder - next to the .air file and panel, model, texture folders. open this and search for the autopilot section. if autopilot speed hold = 0 change this to 1 and see if this solves the problem.

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Thanks for your reply.

I have read through the "aircraft.cfg" file and under [autopilot] the only lines that appear relevants are:


There is no line that reads "autopilot_speedhold=1" or 0 either.

I am not sure whether autothrottle and autopilot speedhold are the same thing, what do you think?

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I have two very similar Tucano downloads:

Embraer "Super Tucano"
Shorts "Tucano"

Examination of both "aircraft.cfg" files reveals that they are very similar but I can see one or two differences that might be significant:

autopilot_available= both show "1"

flight_director_available= Shorts show "0" and Embraer "1"

autothrottle_available= Shorts show "0" and Embraer "1"

autothrottle_arming_required= both show "0"

autothrottle_takeoff_ga= Shorts show "1" and Embraer "0"

The Embraer "Super Tucano" flies perfectly with full Groundhandling control of pushback, taxying and decelleration on landing. The Shorts "Tucano" is only working groundhandling on pushback.

What do you think?

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change autothrottle availible to 1 for the shorts and let us know what happens Wink

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