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system specs, 2.8ghz processor,512pc3200ram,fx5900graphics card. when running fs9 and the pmdg 737 after a short while fs9 stopped running and was minimised i then got a error box stating that windows was making my page file larger, is this caused by not enough ram and therefore more ram would solve this problem.

thanks jimimac

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Thank you for the clarification I'm sure it will help others.
I'm glad to see that we all try to help each other.


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You could always use more RAM, but I doubt that's the problem. The more RAM you have, the higher your page file memory should be. To change your Page File Memory

*Right click My Computer and go to properties.

*Go to the "advanced" tab and click on perfomace settings. In that window go the the advanced tab.

*At the bottom where it says Virtual Memory click on "change". If you have 512MB RAM, then your page file memory should be set to at least 760MB.

If it's not then change it. Tell us if it worked. Cool

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it was set to min 384 max 768 so i changed the min to 768 but what should i set the max to.

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi, the min and max need to be the same, so leave as is. That's why windows had to resize. Of course, more Ram would help in that you would never have to get to your Swap File in the first place. However, I will guess you have alot of proggies running on startup. You could use Windows Task Manager (Cont-Alt-Del > Processes) to see which running proggies are eating alot of resources, then shut them / it down prior to running MSFS. A bit of experimenting will help you figure it out.. I do not totally agree that regardless of how much Ram you have, you have to run a ever-increasing Swap File as after a certain amt of Ram, the more Ram you have will mean that much less swap file useage. They say 2.5 times the amt of Ram = swap file size. I would say for what you have in Ram, 768 is plenty big. Some will disagree, so figure out what's best for you. Also, a fresh reboot right before flying would be helpful to those "Always-On" flyers !! Happy Flying, habu

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thanks for the advice, i think i will put some more ram in in wont do any harm,also i have installed a program called end it all so i will see how that works out


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rob (Habu) First Officer

The original End It All is great ! But I believe you will need to experiment. By default, EndItAll shuts all down, inc things you need. So you can "protect" the items that need to be running, and shut down the garbage. Good Luck, rob

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