Best scenery addons?

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What re the best scenery add ons for FS2004?

I have been playing X-Plane 8.40 and their global scenery is awsome. I find the geography of mountains / vallys etc perfect, they look exactly the same shape as in real life.. Is there anyway to make FS2004 this realistic? I find FS2004 landmarks not as reccognisable.

I have been looking at those Mega Scenery addons, are they the best or is there better?

I have just bought Ground Environment which looks a little better.

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The easiest way to make all scenery more realistic is to use LOD9 or 10 mesh. This reduces the rounded mountains and makes ground elevation more realistic. Search avsim for mesh in the areas you wish to improve. Note that mesh files can use a lot of disk space.

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