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Adding Arrestor Cable Parameters

dwight_js Guest

Hi Everyone,

I have just downloaded a couple of carriers ( by Rober Baum for fs 2004. It came with a .dat file of arrestor cable parameters, but I'm affraid I don't know where to put these. I can open it and read it in notepad - it looks like this:

CarrierIdent=CVN-64 near San Francisco
FrontRightCornerLat = 37.743
FrontRightCornerLon = -122.6101667
FrontLeftCornerLat = 37.743
FrontLeftCornerLon = -122.6105
BackLeftCornerLat = 37.74266667
BackLeftCornerLon = -122.6103333
BackRightCornerLat = 37.74283333
BackRightCornerLon = -122.6101667
DeckAltInFeet = 70.36
CableCatchZoneHeightInFeet = 2.4
RunwayHeadingInDegreesMag = 333

Can anyone help me out - I want to land my f18 but keep sliding off the end of the deck!

Thanks in advance

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I looked and all I could find for him was an add-on at Abacus (pay-ware). I wanted to download and see the read-me.
Since I don't have the item you'll have to wait until someone who has it stops by.
If by chance it was free-ware give us the link and zip so we can look at it.


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