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So, I have a question! For those who have used both iFly 747 and PMDG 747, is it worth getting the PMDG version? From what I see the iFly one is of extremley good quality and it has a FMC etc. . . ?

Opinions please! 😀

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i have not used the ifly but i do have the PMDG 747. I would totally recomend the PMDG, but check out their website.

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cheechm First Officer

Yeh I have, but the thing is I don't know if I want to dish out that much money if it isn't that different to the iFly version.

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Karlw Captain

Well both have an fmc the pmdg has real flight dynamics so I recommened the pmdg and the i-fly good luck

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I would suggest PMDG 747...

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