well, that was almost shocking (air crash..)

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well i just arrived home from my camp out in the woods and my dad tells me to look up, i see a low winged aircraft (possibly an archer or similar) flying rather close. cool i think only to hear another plane suddenly drop the throttle and coming in perpendicular to the first. well, they must have missed by a matter of a few feet because from almost directly below it was super tight.

a question: what is the minimum distance GA aircraft must fly (unless in formation etc.)?

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Formation flight isn't actually forbidden by the CAA, it just recommends that you should have adequate training, which in my view is just asking for problems.

There aren't any CAA VFR minima regarding flight proximity to another aircraft, but a 'see and avoid' approach is always in use for aircraft. If you are on a collision course with another aircraft, both aircraft bank right. If they are on a converging course, the aircraft on the right has the right of way. There isn't really any need for VFR separation as by definition, you should be able to see the other traffic and avoid it.

If IFR then ATC will ensure 1000ft clearence space between aircraft, horizontally and the same vertically I believe.

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😳 Thank goodness no one was hurt!

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Horizontal separation varies, but it's usually 3nm. Vertical is 1000 ft if RVSM (

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yikes, you were underneath it!?!?

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