Once you have FSX...

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jetman35 First Officer

Hey all of you flyers out there. My question to you is; once you have FSX installed on your speedy PC, where are you going to go first??? Which plane are you going to take for a spin first???

For me.. I am getting onboard the Janet plane and heading over to Area 51 and check things out and then head to my hometown in Montana and visit my neighborhood!

Jetman 😳

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Haven't thought about it but I guess I'll take my usual test flight from KSEA to KBFI to KRNT back to KSEA.
All touch and go to try out the new default DC-3.
Once I have the sim set and running then I'll add a few pay aircraft, not a huge amount of "junk" like I did before.


Hawk_345 Guest

Well i guess i will most likly try out the new DHC-2 Beaver and fly around northern Canada landing on lakes and enjoy the scenery.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

C-130 / LGRP - LGIO / VOR-VOR 😉

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

A B-2 from FJDG to OIII.

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

First thing I'll be doing is take one of the GAs (likely a Cessna) from KSEA out east around Snoqualmie Valley to see how the area looks. That's the first thing I did getting FS2004 and was disappointed to only see grass textures instead of my home. Only way I got to see any form of Snoqualmie Valley is with addon scenery; and even with that I still wasn't very impressed. It's not the same when Mt. Si doesn't look like Mt. Si. 😞

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Tailhook Chief Captain

First I'll do the default flight without changing anything. And then I'll go absolutely wild!!!


No idea. Don't even know yet what's gonna happen tomorrow 😀

Jamie4590 Guest

When I get FSX I'll leave it sealed for a while and just look at it admiringly from different angles.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

First i'll download all the addons i can and fix up the sim. 😂

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chad_ryan86 Trainee

I'll fly the new Beaver around British Columbia in Canada.

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Sico2 First Officer

First I will try to run the game without my CPU and gfx jumping out the window with fire and smoke behind it...

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