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LH 824 Lufthansa LEMD-EDDF

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Hey guys, I wasnt posting Screenshots for long time, i have a new company witch is Lufthansa for my FSP and i made already 4 flights, this flight is from barajas- Frankfurt main, my frankfurt airport is an addon i download its a payware, realy realistic airprort realy, its beutiful and big airport, even the highway witch is passing by the airport there are cars on the road like in FSX, anyways, i make some screenshots for u , and i am not impressed, i dont even know why, but NVM here you go >>>

1. At the gate boarding plane.

2. Still at the gate, diferent angle.

3. Lining up on rwy

4. Takeoff.

5. Climbing out FL320

6. Another pic different angle

7. Cruising in FL320, BTW For my game i am using Flight Enviroment 6 (Recommanded !!!)

8. Sunset, Descending.

9. Approaching, i was about 300 ft aboce the rwy, because it was to way claoudy in 200 ft, so it was hard to land and descent.

10. Touchdown, bad angle, my worst pic.

11. At the gate unboarding.

Thats it for today, i am gonna have a flight righaway from what i am typing to Turky, the Flight Enviroment is realy good, u can setup ur sky and water textures again (Recommanded) and the flight was realy good i got 648 points for making a safty landing after big tubulance and I HAD A BRAKE FAILURE !! so i was slowing down hardly but i made it.
Any comments are welcome.

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They are nice shots from what I can see. Thumbs Up!

Why don't you use Photobucket instead of ImageShack?

These take forever to load.

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ok can u give m ethe website of photobucket, maby its realy gonna healp. thx in advance.

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thx violet

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