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A definate step in the right direction.

Turnip Guest

In a nutshell, 2004 is much better than 2002. And by all rights it had better be. It took me quite awhile to tweek the sim so that I could have the best of both worlds. I think I have accomplished this. I flew from KLAS to KLAX in every possible weather senario.
I got the sim to slow down to 3 FPS and all the way up to 30 FPS. I can consistantly get 15 to 25 FPS in all situations. The weather is the main differance. The turbulance is out of this world. No more just choppy jumping around. The building clouds and thunderstorms are awesome. Not as much of a FPS hit as I thought it would be. With that said, don't try and run it on a slow machine. You'll be sorry.[b]
There are a few issues that I saw. There was one of the "flat" clouds over Juneau. I just told myself that it was virge. hehe
Over the next few days I'm sure that there will be plenty of people bashing certain aspects of the sim... however, for MICROSHAFT, this is a good product. And a DEFINATE step in the right direction.

Just my humble, real world pilot opinion.


Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

Turpin/Turnip - same person? Laughing

Turnip Guest

Not I. I've been Turnip for 7 years. Very Happy


Pro Member Trainee
CaRoTiD Trainee

I have just made my first flight in FS2004 after it arrived on the courier. I can see a huge difference graphocally over 2002 and am quite impressed. Have not had much of a chance to play with the GPS but the ATC is heaps better and I especially like being able to change IFR plans enroute.


Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

Yes, chaning the flight plan is great. I'm still not impressed with the ground textures though Confused FS still has a long way to go yet Smile

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