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hi just got fs2004

Bewing totally new i have no idea how to navgate,i can take off,land and fly but for instance i want to fly from manchester to glasgow but i have no idea what directon to go in, can someone PLEASE help me and if possable writer there answer in plane english (no jargon)


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You will have to learn some navigation at least. The VOR lessons weren't very comprehensive for me, but it helped to get me on the way. Read some about VOR navigation in the learning center and you should be well on your way.

Sorry, you have to do some learning at least. There's no way around that since Microsoft didn't do a very good job in making landmarks. I don't even recognize the direct surroundings of my hometown. The danube isn't there and even my town has somehow vanished together with the hills surrounding it.

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😛 The easy way is click create a flight them flight planner
Now just select our start point and finish point and fs9 will tell you which way to go(VOR is a direct flight IFR is via more way points....try them both and see what happensto your route)
abris is right you really need to do some reading to understand the art of VOR/IFR ...... have you tried the lessons ?

😀 Oh, welcome aboard 😀

Happy landings

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hi to all 😂 newbie start to learn on the f20002 and 004 the are lessons by the kings they are great and they will teach you very easy folow the progs
happy flying from twin barom

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Once you have got the basics, you can start to learn how to navigate properly. You can view our navigation tutorials here:

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