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Is the ATC in FS9 much more advanced than FS2002? Yesterday I was established on the ILS about 8nm from the runway threshold and was following a conversation between ATC, a Cessna and a 737. I was distracted because ATC kept asking them to acnowledge each other but was getting no response from either aircraft. At one point ATC issued an URGENT COLLISION WARNING (something like that) I glanced at my TCAS and could see I wasn't in danger but of course wanted to see how it unfolded and had to abort the approach because by this time I had drifted way off the Glideslope. Then both aircraft as cool as you like finally radioed:

"I have it in sight"

While my approach was ruined!!

One question about ATC unrelated to the above: Does ATC not know I exist until I tell them. If I dont communicate with ATC everything is fine but as soon as they know I'm here I get a barrage of messages from them asking me to confirm I have aircrafts in sight that pose no threat all while I'm trying to land. If I dont speak to them they dont talk to me so I keep it that way! Why then does another aircraft not see me and report me to ATC?

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Ditch the default ATC and come fly on VATSIM!

I read somewhere that the FS2002 ATC is actually better (but with fewer options so to speak) than FS9, but they both suck.

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Radar Contact 4!

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